Dexterity Entertainment is an independent sales, consulting, and distribution company specializing in delivering exceptional content to audiences worldwide. With a strong focus on the Latin American and US Hispanic market, we offer valuable consulting services to companies seeking success in this vibrant region.
We provide expert guidance and strategic insights, helping producers navigate the unique challenges and seize the abundant opportunities of the Latin American and US Hispanic markets. Drawing on our extensive network, market knowledge, and cultural understanding, we ensure that our clients make informed decisions and achieve their goals in this dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape.
In addition to our consulting services, we actively engage in the development of projects, including feature films and series across various genres, both fiction and non-fiction. With our wealth of experience working with prominent companies such as Warner Bros, Discovery, Universal, Disney, Sony Pictures Television, TelevisaUnivision, and Globo, among others, we have established strong connections and fostered relationships throughout Latin America. Furthermore, our expertise extends to acquiring feature films and TV series for release not only in Latin America but also in Southeast Asia and other global markets. By carefully curating captivating content, we aim to entertain and engage diverse audiences around the world.